How Reviews Can Help You Earn More Money

Oct 12, 2016 | Marketing

Travelers rely on reviews to make educated travel decisions. So it’s no surprise that having shining, five-bubble feedback will make them more likely to book your rental over a competitor in your area. But it gets better: rentals with recent reviews also rank higher in search results across all TripAdvisor sites. Higher rankings mean more views, more bookings and more great reviews. Here’s the low-down on how you can use reviews to build your business.

Get Reviews Just By Asking

Never let a review slip through your fingers. As soon as your guest arrives, we’ll start reminding them to review your rental, but you can be proactive too. You can request a review from any guestwhether they booked through a TripAdvisor Rentals site or not—by visiting the Reviews page of your dashboard and selecting Collect Reviews.

For Best Review Scores, Focus On Traveler Experience

Guests come to relax, so anything you can do to help them de-stress will be appreciated, and could result in a great review because of it. Be available to respond to questions and concerns at short notice, and think about how small touches might make traveling less stressful. For example, you could stock the cupboards with essentials to make forgetful guests feel at home.


Build Trust By Responding To Reviews—Good Or Not So Good

Responding to reviews is a great way to build credibility. When travelers can see that you care about guest experience, they’ll be more likely to pick you over the competition. If the review isn’t as positive as you’d hoped, step back for a minute, think carefully about what went wrong and address the criticism calmly. Future guests will trust an owner who can offer a professional explanation or sincere apology.

Don’t Fear Bad Reviews, Learn From Them

Sometimes things go wrong. It happens. When they do, see the feedback as an opportunity to improve the next guest’s experience, and by sharing the improvements you’ve made in a reply, you’ll win the trust of other travelers.


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