Owner Spotlight: The Key To A Great Listing & Getting More Demand

Apr 2, 2017 | Marketing

Peter Connolly owns a rental apartment in Almerimar, a purpose-built tourist town in the sunny region of Andalusia, Spain. With eight years of listing online under his belt, his rental has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the top-performing on TripAdvisor.

We caught up with Peter to ask him what the key is to his success. How does he attract more interest from travellers? What does he do to make sure his listing is performing well? The good news is, he has plenty of tips to share so you can start getting more bookings.

Q. Why did you start your rental business?

I wanted a holiday property in Spain. Given that I wouldn’t be using it for much of the year, and I needed to pay the mortgage, the only option was to rent it out. Family and friends alone wouldn’t fill it up so I knew I needed to fill it via a website.


Q. Why did you choose Almerimar in Andalusia?

At the time, it was an up-and-coming area, so I chose it for investment as well as personal use. The beach was close by, as were several bars and restaurants, and it didn’t have the stereotypical “lager louts” and so on. It’s a bit “higher class”, if you see what I mean.


Q. What do you think has been the key to your success as a rental owner?

“Essentially, put yourself in the position of the renter.”

You need high-quality pictures, a detailed description of what’s in the property, detail about the area and so on. Essentially, put yourself in the position of the renter. Think about what information they need.

Obviously from a marketing point of view, adding great photos and making the property sound interesting will make it attractive to clients and make it feel like home.

“I’m not going to lie, I look at what other nearby properties are charging.”

And then at the next stage, it’s about response times and quotes, and having rates available—just giving as much information as possible. As I say, one of the key things is to put yourself in the position of the renter. You want someone to respond, have prices available…


Q. Your listing is really detailed. You’ve added airlines and details of flights from different UK airports. What made you decide to add that kind of extra information?

My other half’s quite good at that type of thing. When we first started, the area was up and coming and relatively unknown. It’s just about providing more information that might be useful so the traveller feels they have everything they need to book there and then.

Q. You mentioned response times and how important that is in creating a good experience. Do you use the owner app at all?

Yes! It’s essential. With phones nowadays and the internet, you can check through your messages. And now, there’s a bit more functionality, and it’s growing all the time. When we first got it, for instance, you couldn’t set rates and there were other things you couldn’t do.

But now you can do a lot more with it, like see what’s being booked and what’s being asked for. And then you can get back to the traveller with a brief response. It’s critical, especially if you’re away for the weekend and you’re not near your PC or tablet.

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Key To Success

So, the key to Peter’s success as one of TripAdvisor’s top rental owners isn’t complicated. You need to add quality photos, make sure rates are available, respond quickly (using the app helps!), and be proactive by sending quotes—that’s it!

In fact, Peter sums it up perfectly in one sentence: put yourself in the position of the renter. Take his lead and update your listing, today!

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