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Lake Tahoe is a haven for outdoor fun in every season. Swimming, kayaking and windsurfing are popular in the summer months, while epic snowfall makes for spectacular skiing in winter. With 24-hour casinos and a flashy nightlife scene, the area has a tangible Vegas vibe. With the wide variety of activities and attractions for all types of travelers, this location continuously attracts a wide range of people each and every season. 

Booking Season

Since Lake Tahoe has year-round appeal, bookings are spread throughout the entire year. They increase steadily as the winter month’s progress with a sudden peak come the first of the year. The average duration of a stay in the Lake Tahoe region is four nights and five days.

TripAdvisor Tip

Due to the steady amount of bookings throughout the year and many travelers visiting in both the winter and summer months, make sure you update your listings with seasonal rates and seasonal photos. Fact: properties with 12+ photos receive double the number of inquiries than those with 4-7 photos.

Peak Seasons

Given that Lake Tahoe has much to offer in both the summer and winter months, these two season are both considered to be peaks seasons. The utmost popular month for travelers to visit this area is the month of December.

TripAdvisor Tip

Allow your guests to get the full Lake Tahoe experience by leaving them a list of the best places to visit, mountains to ski at, spots to kayak at, etc.

Bookings by number of guests


1-2 guests


3 guests


4 guests


5+ guests

If you list your property in Lake Tahoe, you could earn…


per guest, per night


per night, per stay


per overall reservation

One Bedroom Properties

One to two travelers is the second most common group size in this region, making properties of this size high in demand. Currently, only 5% of TripAdvisor listings in the Lake Tahoe Region have one bedroom. With owners of one bedroom properties here earning an average of $197/night, it’s an exciting rental prospect for investment.

Two Bedroom Properties

Owners of two bedroom properties in the Lake Tahoe Region are earning an average of $176/night. Currently, 15% of TripAdvisor listings in this region are two bedroom properties. If yours is a condo or an apartment (similar to the TripAdvisor listing pictured on the left) be sure to highlight all of the amenities that it has to offer—like a hot tub, Wi-Fi, and waterfront location—to entice potential guests.

Three Bedroom Properties

Three bedroom properties in the Lake Tahoe Region are earning an average of $241/night. Currently, homes in this category account for 36% of TripAdvisor’s listings in this region. Three bedroom properties can typically accommodate anywhere from six to twelve guests, so when listing your property on TripAdvisor, be sure to highlight how many guests it can comfortably sleep.

Four Bedroom Properties

This type of property is the most lucrative in this region since parties with four or more guests account for over half of the bookings in Lake Tahoe. Owners of four bedroom properties in Lake Tahoe are earning an average of $531/night. Currently, four bedroom properties account for 28% of TripAdvisor’s listings in this region.

Five or More Bedroom Properties

With more than half of the bookings in this region coming from large groups of travelers, five bedroom properties are high in demand and very profitable, making them a worthy rental investment. Owners of properties in the Lake Tahoe region with five or more bedrooms are earning an average of $358/night. Currently, five or more bedroom properties account for 16% of TripAdvisor’s listings in this region.

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