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Central Florida is home to some of the most popular traveler destinations, such as Orlando and Tampa Bay, making it the #1 U.S. travel destination for all. Central Florida’s top attractions include Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Cirque de Soleil and SeaWorld, so it’s no surprise travelers of all ages visit throughout the year. With the countless attractions continuously drawing travelers in, Central Florida is a worthy rental investment. List your property in Central Florida today!

See the most popular times that travelers are visiting
the #1 U.S. vacation destination…


21% of all Central Florida travelers visit this area during the Fall. With students heading back to school, this is the second least busy time for trips to Central Florida.


19% of Central Florida travelers visit during the winter months. However, with school vacations, travel peaks during December, making it the region’s second most popular month.


The second most popular season for travelers to visit Central Florida is the spring. 23% of travelers choose this season to visit, with a peak in March as many students plan Spring Break trips.


Summer is the most popular time to travel to Central Florida. 37% of travelers visit during the summertime, with peaks in June and July as families tend to plan trips during school vacations.
Booking Season


Travelers often book trips to Central Florida way in advance. Bookings are made throughout the year, but the majority occur between January and March with a steady decline after this. With all the attractions Central Florida has to offer, it’s the perfect destination for travelers of all ages. The area is particularly popular with families, making the most common group size four or more guests.

Bookings by number of guests


1-2 guests


3 guests


4 guests


5+ guests

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One Bedroom Properties

Owners of one bedroom properties in Central Florida are earning an average of $72/night. Currently, only 2% of TripAdvisor listings in this area have one bedroom. However, 22% of bookings come from parties of two making this type of home a worthwhile rental investment.

Two Bedroom Properties

Two bedroom properties in Central Florida are earning an average of $90/night. Only 6% of TripAdvisor’s current listings in this location have two bedrooms. However, these properties are ideal for small families or groups of friends looking to travel to the area so demand is high.

Three Bedroom Properties

Owners of three bedroom properties in Central Florida are earning an average of $146/night. Currently, these listings account for 21% of TripAdvisor’s listings in Central Florida. Three bedroom properties in this area are ideal as they are affordable yet can accommodate a wide range of guests. Three bedroom homes in this area typically sleep anywhere from 6-12 guests making them very marketable.

Four Bedroom Properties

The most common party size in this location is four or more guests, accounting of 65% of Central Florida’s bookings. With properties of this size in such high demand, they’re very profitable—owners of four bedroom homes in Central Florida are earning an average of $172/night. Currently, these listings account for 31% of all TripAdvisor’s listings in this location.

Five or More Bedroom Properties

This group has the highest earnings and accounts for 40% of TripAdvisor’s listings in this area. Demand remains high, though, with most guests traveling in large groups. If you list your property in Central Florida with five or more bedrooms you can earn an average of $240/night and can earn up to $1,066/night if your property has 12+ bedrooms.

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