Introducing Instant Book: The No-hassle Way To Manage Bookings

Aug 22, 2017 | Listing 101

The no-hassle booking experience that travelers have been waiting for—and you’ve been craving—is finally here. You can now accept bookings through TripAdvisor Rentals without ever having to log in… thanks to Instant Book!

In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of Instant Book—from how it makes accepting bookings a breeze to how we’re making sure you receive the right Instant Bookings for you.

Plus, for owners and managers choosing to move over to Instant Book, we’ll outline the brand new, upcoming features that will ensure a seamless transition.

What is Instant Book?

With Instant Book, travelers who meet your requirements—and agree to your house rules—can book your rental without submitting a booking request.

What does this mean for you? First of all, the days of keeping an eye on the clock to make sure you accept booking requests within 24 hours are long gone. With Instant Book, if your dates are available the booking is instantly accepted and confirmed… without you having to lift a finger. 

What are the benefits?

As well as reducing your admin (we heard that sigh of relief), Instant Book offers a host of additional benefits.

Travelers love being able to book a rental instantly
With booking requests, there’s always an element of uncertainty while the traveler awaits your response. With Instant Book, the traveler knows their stay is booked and confirmed the moment they enter their payment details. The result? Increased confidence and a smoother booking experience.

Boost your acceptance and response rates… and your search ranking!
With Instant Book, your acceptance rate—one of the factors that determines how high you rank in search results—can go nowhere but UP!

Switch Instant Book on and off, whenever suits you
You can activate and deactivate Instant Book at the flick of a switch from your dashboard. Cutting admin might be a life-saver during peak booking times, and Instant Book offers you that flexible approach.

No more worrying when booking requests expire
When did that request come in? How long do I have left to accept? Leave all that worry behind and know that bookings are automatically accepted, instantly.

Leave your listings live when you’re on vacation
With Instant Book, there’s no need to turn your listings off while you’re away. Switch it on and come home from your trip with new reservations on your calendar!

Coming soon: Instant Book promotion in search results
Soon, we’ll be promoting Instant Book properties in traveler search results, giving Instant Book listings wider reach and enhanced visibility to travelers!

Just Released!

Your house, your rules

We understand if you’re going to accept Instant Bookings, it’s important to make travelers aware of any specific rules for staying in your property. That’s why we’re making your House Rules more prominent in the booking process for all Instant Book properties.

Maybe you have a minimum age for guests or perhaps you don’t allow pets. House Rules also help you set expectations for guests’ behavior during their stay (e.g. no bachelor parties, no loud music after 10 p.m.).

Here’s how your House Rules will feature in the Instant Book booking process:

Your House Rules will be displayed on the payment page
On the page where travelers enter their payment details, we’ll display your House Rules. These will match those in your dashboard at the time the booking is made.

The traveler must accept your House Rules before they can book
As they enter their payment details, we’ll tell the traveler they have to agree to your House Rules to book. “By clicking Book Now I am acknowledging agreement to house rules”.

We save a snapshot of your House Rules with the booking details
When a traveler submits an Instant Booking, we save your House Rules along with the booking details so you have clear documentation. You can see all this in your dashboard.

Receive clear confirmation of the traveler’s agreement
We’ll notify you that the traveler agreed to House Rules prior to booking via the conversation page in your dashboard.

Increased Calendar Sync Frequency

Previously, calendars you had connected to your TripAdvisor Rentals listing from different platforms synced every 24 hours. We’ve now increased this frequency to every 3 hours, ensuring your TripAdvisor calendar is even more accurate in reflecting your availability in real time.


This applies to data that is both imported and exported, so two-way calendar updates is now even more effective in maintaining your cross-platform availability.

How do I turn Instant Book on?

It’s super simple to activate Instant Book in your dashboard.

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Select Online booking settings
  3. Click the Instant Book switch
  4. You’re done!

To turn it off, simply repeat the same steps – there’s nothing more to it than that.

Interested in reaping the benefits of Instant Book? Activate it your dashboard, today!

Coming soon:

Improved availability settings

We’re developing brand new features for the owner dashboard designed to help keep your calendars as up-to-date as possible. These new availability settings will allow you to set up all the booking parameters you need. The result? Your listing is perfectly optimized for Instant Bookings, and the booking experience is seamless for both you and the traveler.

Improved availability settings will include:

Booking window – How far in advance can travelers Instant Book your property? You’ll decide this by setting your booking window. For example, select a 6-month booking window and the traveler won’t be able to Instant Book your property for dates more than 6 months away.

Advance notice – Do you accept last-minute bookings? If so, how much notice do you need? One day, three days, a week? With this feature, you can set a limit so you always have enough time to make sure keys are available or that someone can meet the guest, for example.

Preparation time – How much time do you need to prepare the property between bookings? This feature is designed to give you the time you need between changeovers and perfectly prepare your property for your next guest.

Two-way booking integration


Two-way booking integration (booking sync) will allow you to seamlessly sync reservation data from your system with ours, making sure your calendar is as up-to-date as possible for incoming bookings. 

Instant Book Search Filters for More Visibility

Switch Instant Book on, and your property will stand out in the search results page with an eye-catching icon. But soon, travelers will be able to filter their searches so they only show Instant Book listings. Travelers who value the peace of mind of booking instantly will be able to find and choose your rental more easily—and in higher numbers—than ever.


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