How To Get More Reviews This Peak Season

Jun 29, 2017 | Listing 101


Peak season is upon us and that means it’s time to start collecting more of those powerhouses in the travel world: good TripAdvisor reviews. In this post, we’ll give you tips on how to collect great reviews, introduce our latest product update where you can review your guests, and provide more review-related advice.

Sit back and discover five ways to make reviews benefit your rental business!


Our latest research has shown that having one—yep, just ONE—TripAdvisor review can DOUBLE traveler interest in your listing. With travelers across the globe consulting the TripAdvisor community’s collective wisdom, the more reviews you have on your listing, the better.


No reviews? No problem. Don’t forget, you can request reviews from any guest, even if they didn’t book through us. So, if you’re new to TripAdvisor Rentals or you’ve been unlucky with guests not leaving a review, you can still build your business and get reviews right away—all you need is the guest’s email address.

Start requesting reviews!


It can be tricky to request a review while a guest is (hopefully!) enjoying their stay. But here are a few simple ways to approach it. First, create a welcome pack providing all the information your guest needs to know (think local amenities, helpful tips and more). On the last page, you can remind your guest to leave a TripAdvisor review.

Second, ask your guest to leave their email address so you can send them a request directly via your dashboard (whether they booked on TripAdvisor or not!). Lastly, give your rental a professional feel by purchasing a stack of our instantly recognizable review request cards (available here!).


Wouldn’t it be great to know what type of traveler is staying in your rental? Well, now you can! We’ve recently introduced a two-way review system, aiming to give our owners and property managers more peace of mind. You can read reviews of potential guests, get to know them better before their stay, and accept bookings with even more confidence.

Not only that—our reciprocal reviews system is totally automated and stress-free. We request reviews from both you and your guest, without you having to so much as click a button! All you need to do is watch the feedback come in.


Responding to reviews gives you the chance to address the guest’s comments, or simply thank the guest for their feedback and continue the relationship beyond their stay. And if the review is negative? By responding politely and reasonably, you’ll show travelers you’re trustworthy, honest and willing to accept feedback.

As the world’s largest travel community, we believe everyone should be able to have their say—especially our owners!

So, as you’re powering through peak season and welcoming even more guests to your vacation rental, bear in mind the power of reviews and try to collect as many as you can. And remember: if there’s one thing that’s going to encourage guests to leave you a glowing review, it’s giving them an unforgettable experience. Check out our blog post on how to get a 5 out of 5 review!


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