Meet Tracy, Your Next Vacation Rental Guest From TripAdvisor

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Guest Experience

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what type of traveler is staying in your rental property? Or better yet, have an understanding of who that person is as soon as they send an inquiry?

At TripAdvisor Rentals, we want to provide our owners and managers with valuable insights into our traveler community—the world’s largest—so you feel confident in their stay.

That’s why we’re introducing Tracy the TripAdvisor traveler. Tracy is a hard-working mom planning the perfect vacation for her family. She wants it to go smoothly, so she plans months in advance and wants the most bang for her buck. Tracy chooses vacation rentals for two reasons: the space and amenities they offer, like a full kitchen, laundry room, living/dining room, and backyard—plus their affordability compared to hotels.

But to truly provide Tracy with a first-class experience—and secure her booking—you’d want know her hobbies, favorite activities, how she researches trips, and her biggest pain points when booking travel.

So we’re telling you! We’ve created a handy infographic that takes a closer look at the TripAdvisor Rentals guest, so you can cater the experience accordingly.

When you list your property on TripAdvisor Rentals, you’ll reach travelers like Tracy who are seeking the perfect accommodation to suit their needs.

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