Five Minutes, Five Steps To a Great Guest Experience

Jul 24, 2017 | Guest Experience

Between corresponding with guests, changeover days and dealing with a thousand other admin tasks, we know you—our owners—have more than enough to do! That’s why we’ve created this five-minute guide to giving guests a great experience.

The goal? Getting you more 5 out of 5 reviews and more valuable repeat bookings to fill your rental calendar… and boost your bank balance! We want travelers to be so impressed with their experience, they can’t help but tell their friends (and the world!) that your rental should be the next trip they book!

Sound like a tough task? It doesn’t need to be. We know running a vacation rental can be a challenge, but there are some super simple ways of taking a guest’s stay from OK to great. We’re going to take you through five, from your very first contact with a guest to the moment they leave.


Responding quickly when a traveler books or sends an inquiry is the best possible start on the road to a great guest experience. It immediately establishes you as a proactive and responsive owner, and your guest will have peace of mind that they’re in capable hands! Interesting stat: Certificate of Excellence winners have an average response time of two hours.

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Anticipating guests’ questions and needs in the run-up to their stay is another way to provide a flawless pre-stay experience. Short of time? The Welcome Pack can help! Enter all the essential information—like detailed directions, check-in instructions and Wi-Fi passwords—and we’ll email it to your guests at just the right time. Don’t worry—sensitive information is only shared two days before the guest’s stay.

Set up your Welcome Pack


Upon arrival, make sure guests know their satisfaction is your number one priority. You can communicate this in lots of ways, from the property being spotlessly clean to showing them how to use the washer. Some owners like to have essentials—like milk, bread or local delicacies—ready in a welcome hamper. Small touches like this can transform a guest’s stay from “Fair” to “Phenomenal!”.

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While a lot of owners handle check-in themselves, for many it’s just not practical. If you can’t be on site, technology makes it easier than ever to be available to your guests. This could be as simple as sending a quick text or email on check-in day to say you hope they arrived safely. If you use a local property manager, instruct them to do the same so guests know who to contact in case of any problems.

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OK, our five minutes is almost up! The final step to a great guest experience is to end their stay on a really positive note. Make them feel like they don’t want to leave quite yet and they’re far more likely to leave a glowing review… and maybe even become a repeat booker!

If you won’t see your guests before they leave, then a simple text message or email can have the same effect. And remember—this is the perfect time to remind them about leaving a review!

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That’s it: five minutes, and five steps. Don’t leave without checking out our other Guest Experience articlesthey’re packed with tips from experienced owners, property managers and industry experts. Take a look!


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